Elac FS 57 Floor standing speakers

FS 57 is a two-way speaker system of bass-reflex type. Drivers are placed by D'Appolito scheme. A woven dome of 25-mm tweeter is covered by metallic protective grill for better heat dissipation. In its series the German company ELAC decided to withdraw from using traditional diffusers of "sandwich" type (aluminum + paper). The diffusers of 154-mm MF/LF-units are made of paper. In order to increase input power the base of sound coil is made of kapton. Two ports of bass-reflex are placed on the back wall. A bit below there is a small niche with a pair of spring terminals. A simple rectangular podium rests on adjustable spikes.

Sound. Elac FS 57 has very beautiful upper case: it is plastic, elegant, as if lacy. Notes in the upper octaves of grand piano, triangle in orchestra, harpsichord, violin, plates and brushes in chamber jazz group are silver and pearls. The model plays in open manner, sound stage in put forward. Sound is light, clear, elegant, sharply articulated, very pleasant for hearing. Describing the musical temper of ELAC we will note a slight difference in the transfer of lower, middle and high cases that, undoubtedly, is actual not for all listeners and not for any music recordings. Bass of the German system is strict, dry, clear, intonational. Total energetics of sound is not the highest. Good dynamical resource will allow to "turn up the heat", but in this case the sound can lose the part of its charm.

Elac FS 57 Floor standing speakers photo