Elac FS 208.2 Floor standing speakers

2.5-way Elac FS 208.2 are considered to be the pinnacle of technological evolution. The diffusers of 180-mm woofers are stamped from a special aluminum "sandwich", not coloring the sound. JET III tweeter can't also be called an ordinary, which is equipped with powerful neodymium magnets and is able to play frequencies far above 20 kHz. The aim of Elac to use the drivers of only their own production in the systems differs this brand from the competitors.

Before installation of Elac FS 208.2 to speaker systems you should screw the attached in the kit platforms and spikes with powerful adjustable hubs to them. There are four pair of terminals for connection to amplifiers.

Listening. It seems that the most difficult thing is to get rid of autosuggestion: metallic emitter - metallic sound. I, personally, came to the opposite opinion - tonal balance of FS 208.2 slightly suffers rather from excess warmness than from ringing or cold coloring. What did I do? I changed copper cable to Nordost and immediately got more organized and balanced in musical sense sound.

The way this speaker system play high frequencies leaves only positive impressions. Any components - airy, metallic, sibilants or just breathe of singers - are conveyed by Elac FS 208.2 with incredible purity and lightness. But the quality of playing of opposite edges of the musical range a bit frayed. At the playing of bass instruments the quantity and dynamics dominate the accuracy of elaboration - bass lines are slightly simplified and sometimes seemed to be even loose.

Elac FS 208.2 Floor standing speakers photo