Mission m33 Floor standing speakers

m33 is one of three floor-standing speakers of the m3 series (m33, m34, m35). The design of the British company Mission is classical: a 165-mm LF/MF driver with a cellulose hemispherical membrane (DiaDrive) occupies the top position on the front panel, a tweeter, created for Mission by the Danish company Vifa, with a dome from the patented Viotex material is under it. The design looks very reliable. Drivers are hidden by a thin, almost weightless decorative grille, repeating the elegant "anti-diffraction" shape of the facade. All drivers are magnetically shielded: the tweeter by a cap, and the LF/MF driver by a compensating magnet. Inside the body there are two horizontal bulkheads: one works for the screed, the second - for the spreader. In the lower part there is a compartment for filling with loose ballast. A foam stopper of the bass-reflex port is provided. Powerful spikes are included.

The sound is academic, perfectly tonally balanced, flexibly reflecting the twists and turns of musical events. High frequencies are moderate; the middle is under full control. The integrity and expressiveness of the images is preserved in a wide range of loudness levels. Mission m33 pair skillfully "arranges" the performers on the stage. Note that the best quality of spatial-stage effects is achieved by a decent distance of the listener from the stereo pair. Accurate, soft and capacious bass can be admonished only for some modesty when playing especially "steep" fragments: I wish a little more pressure, low frequency "drive". Nevertheless, the purity of details and the accuracy of the reproduction of musical timbres allow you to listen to any musical material on the Mission m33 with pleasure.

Mission m33 Floor standing speakers photo