Mission m34 Floor standing speakers

The model range of British Mission with "m" index consists of six models, being positioned as a universal acoustics, which is able both to play music and provide sound accompaniment of a movie. A two-way m34 is one of the older floor speaker systems in the series. Two mid-high-frequency heads with semi-spherical paper diffusers and the tweeter with soft dome, Viontex, are built in almost symmetric d'Apollito scheme. The decorative grilles are tightly flush-mounted to the body, whose edges are carefully smoothed - for reduce of diffraction interference. A foam plug is supplied to the bass-reflex port. The weight of body inspires a special trust. There is a closed by plastic cap hole of volumetric ballast compartment for increase of vibrating insulations in the lower part of its back panel.

Mission m34 demonstrates an unexpectedly mature, solid and dynamic sound. Big talents of the British pair brightly approve at the organization of virtual space. Building stereo panorama, the system achieves the recovery of not only the main but also secondary and tertiary plans: very realistic image of the stage turned out to be significantly three-dimensional. Instrumental overhangs don't disappear, intervention of hall is felt, the fails of sound producer are noticeable. High frequencies of m34 have a considerable merit in the achievable quality of spatial effects. While listening to the pair, the feeling of freshness, clarity, openness, excellent detailing doesn't leave you. However, the image won't have a wonderful integrity without an ideal middle. The features of live sound appear even in troubled for compact floor speaker systems area of bass combination with mids (overtone of double-bass, cello). The quality of middle and high frequencies doesn't deteriorate in a wide range of amplitudes.

Mission m34 refers to the generalists in the broadest sense of this word - will play perfectly any kind of music, will perform excellently in a movie. The pair is suitable for relatively small rooms (15-25 sq.m.).

Mission m34 Floor standing speakers photo