Mission e54 Floor standing speakers

A pair Mission e54 looks richly and stiffly. Slim "cabinets" from MDF are rounded on the sides and finished by mahogany veneer sheet. In addition e54 Esprit series will suggest you silver or black piano varnish, veneer sheet of beech or cherry. At the top there is a dark trim-peakless cap made of polycarbonate. But not all of them are active. From above, between two MF/LF drivers, whose diffusers are equipped by invisible magnets, there is a head of dome silk tweeter. From below there are three passive woofers. Acoustically Mission e54 was made as closed construction with useful internal volume of 19 liters. As a phase inverter is upset, each speaker system can be placed closer to a wall, a little freeing the space of a room. Except usual twin-cord connection, the variant bi-amping/be-wiring is available too. Don't forget to put jumpers off from terminals in two last-mentioned cases. The speakers are mounted on wide, stable stand and bear against four thorns, what provides a good isolation with floor.

After the assembly of legs-stands we put acoustic pair on marble plates with a height of 12 cm. A good isolation with a floor - is pledge of good sound and more than sound. As was mentioned, the tweeter is not situated at the top of front side of the "cabinet", but lower, under MF/LF dynamic, and that's why we decided that it would be rationally to raise the speakers for better perception of high frequencies. Hard, dynamic music usually goes first. Mission e54 coped with it uncommonly successfully (we will remind that other test models stumble over such recordings very often). Volume, dynamics, drive turned out to be perfect; coordination of high frequencies was harmonically and naturally. The speakers suit for extreme styles excellently. Next we put "neutral" compositions of soft-pop style. Such material, as a rule, is drawn ideally and it is especially good for the check of low frequencies work. Here we had first remarks. A thin veil seemed to be thrown upon the sound, basses became a bit fuzzy. Jumping the gun we will notice that speakers play quite nicely, but alas to the prejudice of details and clarity, which undoubtedly have to attend. Next we began to listen jazz and classic (that's really where delicacy is need for 100%). And again there are no any claims - the sound is very comfortable and pleasant. Mission e54 performed a solo piano concert very realistically. At last a recording of big symphonic orchestra began to sound, but alas full detailing was upset again - colors were missed in such bright and great composition. Result: this is the acoustics with big abilities, but capricious and is need in careful chose of components - from amplifier to cables. Give it amplifier device with bright and emotional sound, connect with cables, pointing high frequencies - success will be guaranteed.

Mission e54 Floor standing speakers photo