Mission 734 Floor standing speakers

Mission 734 is English three-way system with the bass reflex output on the front panel. They are distinguished by carefulness of manufacture and harmonious design. High, but not bulky (sizes are 840x204x335 mm) speakers will look well in any interior. Acoustic properties of the construction allow the placement of the speaker systems directly near the wall. This, by the way, in addition to convenience will also provide the optimization of frequency response in bass area. Low- and mid-range completes tandem of similar conical loudspeakers with a diameter of 170mm, one of which is acoustically connected with the bass reflex. Diffusive wedge is mounted into the bass-reflex port that is very useful, especially when the system is operating near upper boundary of the dynamic range. The recommended power range is 25-125 W per channel. The system support "bi-wiring" and "bi-amping" connection. The measured frequency response illustrates the effective solution for the problem of low-frequency radiation with a help of two similar loudspeakers and the bass reflex. The lack of typical resonance peaks guarantees a true bass sound. Low-frequency correction of a good amplifier helps to feel with Mission even infrasound depth (below 20 Hz) and in this case the true structure of the sound doesn't break. Generally, up to 2 kHz the sound and frequency response cause only positive emotions; the same can be said about high-frequency part. A noticeable rise of ripple in frequency area from 2 to 5 kHz causes light, maybe not quite righteous sadness (because it's not easy to notice something aurally). Perhaps this nuance is connected with a certain concept of the company... Sensitivity of the system is high - about 90 dB. Stereo effect zone is normal, which the characteristic of directness confirms. Input resistance module doesn't allow you to judge categorically about setting frequency of the bass reflex, but decisively demonstrates the literate solutions of low-frequency problem: nominal impedance is 8 Ohm, minimal is about 5 Ohm.

Mission 734 Floor standing speakers photo