Mission MX3 Floor standing speakers

Among the whole MX series of the English Mission the model under the index of MX3 is the most available from floor standing speaker systems. With relatively modest dimensions the speaker system are quite massive (almost 20 kg). If you fill the existing ballast compartment with grit, the weight will significantly increase. Mission MX3 are two-way, bass-reflex speaker systems with three proprietary dynamical emitters. These are a pair of 130-mm woofers and the tweeter with a silk dome of an inch caliber. The drivers are protected by modular grills from external damages, which the manufacturer recommends not to put off, because the tonal balance of upcoming speaker systems was adjusted exactly in this form. Due attention was paid to crossover filter too - it is assembled on an audiophile element base and allows to have two-wire connection diagrams to an amplifier.

In all test phonograms the middle differs by naturalness of timbres and melodiousness. Vocal was played very well, without underlining sibilants and other liberties of timbres. Tonal balance of Mission MX3 should be admitted to be neutral - obvious irregularities are not audible. Bass is not radically deep, but accurate enough and is worked out structurally; the attack is correct. There are minimum side-tones from the housing. The tweeter differs by high resolution as well as delicacy and by the lack of aggression. Sound stage goes out the perimeter of placement and has even some perspective in depth.

Mission MX3 Floor standing speakers photo