Heco Victa 500 Floor standing speakers

Although nice turrets Heco Victa 500 belong to the budget segment, they are recommended by the manufacturer for quite advanced sound systems. Unlike the older 700th model of the Victa series, these loudspeakers have a 2.5-way configuration. The driver here is a dome tweeter with a fabric membrane, onto which a special anti-resonant impregnation is applied. In addition, a pair of own-developed cellulosic mid-woofers is installed.

On the back wall of each loudspeaker there are two bass-reflex ports of a small diameter. This solution has significantly reduced the turbulent overtones that inevitably arise when using a single pipe. Acoustic terminals are two pairs of high-quality screw terminals, which allow you to realize all the advantages of a two-wire connection. The build and finish quality of the loudspeakers can be easily assessed as perfect, it obviously corresponds to a higher price category.

The sound handwriting of this pair attracts with its emancipation and unusually attentive attitude to details for loudspeakers of this class. Micro-dynamics is so high that you can easily feel the slightest overtones of the violin deck or the slightest aspirations of vocalists. Heco Victa 500 skillfully spell out quite complex classic sections, invariably revealing the essence of what is happening. They are characterized by high sound resolution throughout the entire working range. Victa 500 feel equally confident in both the chamber classics and hard rock - it is almost impossible to find fault in the correctness of a play in any case. The sound stage is formed accurately and with an extremely precise scale. Foreground images are located confidently, but remote sources are perceived as somewhat amorphous.

Heco Victa 500 Floor standing speakers photo