Heco Victa 700 Floor standing speakers

Heco Victa 700 can boast of a three-band performance. The massive body with more than a meter height has non-parallel side walls, which gives an additional chance in the fight against internal resonances. For relatively little money the manufacturer managed to provide the speakers with four qualitative drivers. These are a 20-mm fabric dome tweeter, a pair of woofers with impregnated cellulose diffusers, and a conical SCH driver of similar design. The low-frequency section operates in the bass-reflex design with a rear arrangement of two ports of the same diameter. It's nice that in such an inexpensive product, developers managed to apply high-quality components and structural elements. Among them, it is worth noting the massive screw terminals that allow two-wire connection. The finish is also good, and even the most demanding customer will not have any complaints about it.

Thanks to the three-way design, Heco Victa 700 has the widest reproduction range among competitors. The sound is large and at the same time fused. An even tonal balance is ensured by good driver matching, which does not give reasons for serious criticism. The bass is fast and accurate. It just lacks a little dynamics and pressure, which is so necessary for an adequate reproduction of the most intense musical phonograms. The MIDs are clean and free, coloring is not audible. There are some flaws in the transmission of the upper range: with all the detailing and abundance of nuances, it still lacks a little airiness and a more thorough drawing of overhang of high spectrum instruments.

Heco Victa 700 Floor standing speakers photo