Heco Celan 800 Floor standing speakers

Heco Celan 800 is the most powerful floor standing speaker system in top Celan series. The body made of MDF in the form of irregular hexahedron is carefully reinforced by struts and finished with qualitative natural veneer. On the top there is an optimized for middle frequencies speaker with the diffuser made of cellulose and wood fibers and light cloth cap. A 25-mm tweeter with the dome covered by nanoparticles is located below. It is equipped with woven carbon fiber, long-stroke suspension and high-effective 32-mm sound coil. Two bass-reflex ports are put on the back wall. The presence of a fifth terminal for slight raise of high frequencies (+2 dB) is interesting.

Heco Celan 800 has a convex, tight, athletic bass. Increased tonus of lower register (mainly upper bass) does not cause the feeling of tonal imbalance and effects of coloring. The system's capabilities fully open while the listening at medium and high volume. Formed by HECO musical image is big, volumetric. The model perfectly conveys any musical material, but most large forms most impressively. Big orchestras are gorgeous - symphonic bands, jazz big bands. The playback off concert recordings of rock bands impresses too: the system is confident at high dynamical crest, the sound doesn't lose form and keeps clear structure. Classical compositions for solo instruments and bands with small number of performers sound a little bit less interesting: there is a slight lack of flexibility in acoustic timbres and fineness in micro-dynamical picture.

Heco Celan 800 Floor standing speakers photo