HECO Music Style 800 Floor standing speakers

These loudspeakers belong to the newest Music Style series, which appeared at the market most recently. They are assembled in narrow bodies - such solution is caused by sideward placement of low-frequency driver. It differs by an impressive 8-inches caliber and a soft suspension, allowing great displacements of the diffuser. The drivers of mid and high frequencies are placed by asymmetrical D'Appolito scheme, guaranteeing a broad polar pattern. Mid-bass diffusers are made of long-fiber cellulose and equipped with powerful ferrite magnets, which allow the drivers to create a significant sound pressure. Tweeter is a special pride of HECO engineers. Having an inch size of fabric dome, the band of its effective work extends to ultrasonic frequencies of 40 kHz.

The sound of HECO Music Style 800 is characterized by the highest degree of transparency, formed mostly due to almost complete absence of veil at MIDs. Resolution power, especially in mid and high registers, can be considered to be the gold standard for the systems of this class. The tweeter is slightly rose by level, but differs by detailing. Due to this reason tonal balance is slightly shifted upward, which somewhat brightens the voice middle. The depth of bass can be determined as sufficient - there was no shortage of LF during the listening. With precise positioning of the speaker systems relatively to the listening position, a deep and continuous sound stage is formed. The images of foreground are located strictly in front of the listener; sources on the flanks are accurately localized.

HECO Music Style 800 Floor standing speakers photo