Heco Victa Prime 702 Floor standing speakers

The model Victa Prime 702 is made very qualitatively for a budget speaker system. Two curved side walls, made of several glued MDF layers,were used for the body. This not only significantly enhances the construction of the speaker system, but also helps to fight effectively with internal resonances of the body and with standing sound waves. The speakers are strongly mounted on the front panel by eight screws for each. Two bass-reflex ports are also mounted on the back wall by the screws. The body is supplemented by the podium, which gives it the inertia. Protective grill is attached on the metal pins. Very neat film finish is almost indistinguishable from natural veneer.

The model is made by a three-way scheme. The 25-mm tweeter is equipped with a dome made of artificial silk, magnetic liquid cooling system and a powerful ferrite magnet. A small horn corrects dispersive characteristics of the emitter. Paper diffusers made of long cellulose fibers are used for 170-mm speakers of middle and low frequencies. Due to their light weight and substantial stroke they are able to form a transparent sound picture and give quite a deep bass. Voice coil, magnet system and suspension are optimized for the playing of wide frequency band. The design of the speakers was improved with a help of Klippel laser measurement. The bass-reflex of 702th model has two ports, optimized for unhampered passage of air flow. The system's crossover is assembled from high-quality elements and is configured by phase and amplitude for each frequency band. Due to two pairs of terminals bi-wiring and bi-amping connections are possible.

The speaker systems showed a relaxed, easy sound. There is a small prevalence in the middle bass, slightly emphasizing sections of bass instruments. Timbres are transferred neutrally, close to natural sound. The informative part of musical material is a bit reduced, but it is at a good level. Neat microdynamics allows you to feel the depth of sounding, adds air and openness. The atmosphere of compositions is also well transferred: reverberation, side tones. And at the same time there is no excess detailing and emphasizing of nuances. At high volume level the speaker systems play with full swing and powerful bass. Bass is well formed and focused. Even the most difficult material is played very legibly. A special charm of these speaker systems is in their ability to play fast and easy, accurately transferring all necessary aspects of music. Thus there is a wonderful genre versatility of these speaker systems.

Heco Victa Prime 702 Floor standing speakers photo