Heco Superior 500 Floor standing speakers

Heco Superior 500 are made in modern corporate style and yellow-silver color scheme. The drivers are drowned in a plastic overlay on the front panel and there are no signs of traditional fastening - looks both stylishly and fundamentally. Figured metal protective and decorative grill is fixed in the grooves along the perimeter of the faceplate. Side walls (the thickness is 16 mm) are reacts quite vividly to the control tapping, which indicates rather the rationality of the construction. LF/MF-drivers are with two-layered (cellulose plus polypropylene) diffusers and the tweeter with an aluminum dome. The drivers are organized by D'Appolito scheme. Phase-equalizing chains are provided in the crossover's scheme.

Sound is amazingly unified and balanced. Great tonal sound does not die in pauses - it dissolves in the architecture of concert hall; you can enjoy the unique flavor of musical instrument in its any tonal and dynamical perspective; background effects are meticulously elaborated. And at the low volume the picture does not lose its appeal, the stage's image is always three-dimensional. Even at high levels of amplification "voice" of Heco Superior 500 keeps its inherent delicacy and plasticity; but in especially large compositions bass is simplified and becomes slightly dissipated. But this concerns a very narrow class of musical phonograms.

Heco Superior 500 Floor standing speakers photo