Mordaunt-Short Avant 914i Floor standing speakers

A successful series of the speaker system with a sonorous name Avant, which has been brought into production already in 2004, has recently increased with compact floor loudspeaker - Mordaunt-Short Avant 914i. It has only two drivers - an inch tweeter with a dome made of aluminum alloy and 165-mm mid-woofer with the diffuser, made by the proprietary CPC technology (Continuous Profile Cone). It is used in aerospace industry and allows getting thin membranes with the increased rigidity and also differs by resistance to bending deformations and resonances. The drivers are mounted on a massive aluminum plate, giving the construction an additional strength and rigidity. The bodies of loudspeakers also have a special hollow for ballast (for example, sand or shot).

Another important feature of Avant 914i is the mounting of crossover in a special compartment, excluding the impact of vibration. As well as the use of audiophile components in the crossover filter. The terminals are very handy gilt spring connectors, allowing you to realize bi-wiring or bi-amping.

By sound the systems are in many respects similar to Energy C-300. Mordaunt-Short Avant 914i have the same articulated and accurate sound with a superb portrayal of the entire frequency range. MIDS sound especially nice - open and airy. Tops impress too, pure and well-drawn. But some hardness is noticeable. Bass register of these relatively compact loudspeakers is not perceived to be weakened; moreover, for its sizes they show quite a decent low-frequency potential. The quality of reproducible bass is also high - at comfort volume levels it is transferred dynamically and with high degree of certainty. Only at levels close to critical its structure is slightly broken and it loses control. Although, I think that if you fill the provided in the body space with ballast, you will almost completely get rid of this effect at high levels.

Mordaunt-Short Avant 914i Floor standing speakers photo