Mordaunt-Short MS 815 Floor standing speakers

In comparison with the previous model - MS814, MS815 not only has the woofer in its construction, but also a mid-range driver has the form of ellipse. The company's designers successfully used a non-trivial form of the heads and gave the speaker systems quite a memorable look. It turned out to be difficult to see Mordaunt-Short MS 815 trough, because the system reacts noticeably different in the compositions of different styles. The first impression - brightness, juiciness of flowing sound or even slopping out of the speaker system.

The stereo pair played the records of rock-performers very well. The bass was felt to be a dynamically-assertive and quite deep, the hall atmosphere seemed to sparkle by the abundance of sky-high frequencies almost from ultra-sound range. And in spite of the fact that bass quite thoroughly held all sound construction up, a slight attraction to cool tones was felt in the system's sounding. However such combination of accents didn't destroy the integrity of image and didn't prevent emotional perception to develop in right direction. But, of course, we can't deny the fact of original presentation of music material by the system and the presence of its own manner of execution. The details of this identity appeared in classical compositions in a new way. At playing the sound of the symphony orchestra both basses and high frequencies surprisingly moved into the background, and an informative middle became to play a dominated role. However, low frequencies didn't loss the organizing role and the high ones were highlighted albeit not with a bright light but gently and evenly, keeping its refreshing effect on the image. And if symphonic classics lost quite a lot in its exciting, deep entity, the angle, where chamber compositions are represented by the system, turned out to be very attractive in its fresh, beautiful expression. It is hard to deduce the dialectic of the system's relationship to various music genres categorically from the analysis of objective characteristics - apparently, much here is still determined by insufficiently investigated psychoacoustic tricks. Although classic, performed by Mordaunt-Short MS 815, sounds very interesting, it manages with old kind rock-n-roll in the best way.

Mordaunt-Short MS 815 Floor standing speakers photo