Mordaunt-Short Carnival 8 Floor standing speakers

From the products of Mordaunt-short Carnival 8 distinguishes by the lack of metallic diffusers, which the engineers of this English company like very much. In these three-way loudspeakers a 6,5-inch woofer has the diffuser made of woven composite fiber. The same driver works at MIDs and higher the baton is passed to the inch tweeter with a soft dome. The systems are equipped with a pair of small bass-reflex ports, reducing turbulent side-tones at high volume. This indirectly speaks of high quality of the drives and components of filter. Two-wiring is provided.

These "non-standard" for Mordaunt-Short loudspeakers keep the original sound signature. Carnival 8 creates a rich, scaled sound picture with some predominance of high-frequency components. The middle (this is the most critical for ear range) is clear, various in timbres, but a little bit less bright than expected. The loudspeakers have small problems at the work with phonograms, rich by extreme basses. If in its middle part the bass stays accurate and true, with the increase of frequency its contours get lost.

Carnival 8 form quite a spectacular sound stage with slightly enlarged images, while its overall sizes stay close to optimal.

Mordaunt-Short Carnival 8 Floor standing speakers photo