Mordaunt-Short Avant 908 Floor standing speakers

Avant 908 is top model of the new Mordaunt-Short series, which appeared to replace Declaration. Having graceful proportions the speaker systems weigh a lot. Powerful magnetic systems of the branded drivers determine this weight to a large extent. The lead here belongs to woofer, installed on the side panel. Lateral position of LF-driver allows to make the body quite narrow that contributes to the increase of spatial uniformity of field. The faceplate is reinforced with aluminum plate. On the facade there are tweeter and the pair of MF-drivers with aluminum membranes. The diffusers of MF-drivers are made by the branded Continious Profile Cone technology: on radial ribs appeared on hemispherical aluminum membranes. Magnetic system of the tweeter is neodymium; coil is cooled by ferromagnetic liquid. A small box is allocated in the body for MF/HF section so woofer gets 90% of the total volume. All the heads are magnetic-shielded with steel caps. Circuit board of the crossover with second-ordered filters is fastened to the terminal block. Vinyl finish of the body is "honey maple" - wonderfully similar to natural veneer.

In contrast with sound images of the most of the competitors, as if Avant 908 fills any musical material with some special light. In its rays the images get an exceptional clarity and versatility. All high-frequency details are perfectly differentiated and the "dose" of HF-energy seems to be strictly adjusted. Bass is clear, movable, deep enough; only at "severe" classics it needs a bit more massiveness, it is perceived to be slightly dry. There is no other word for dynamical potential of the system as magnificent and some decrease of clarity of choral vocal at high volume is obviously connected not with dynamical limits, but with subtly features of tonal balance (the upper middle is slightly accentuated). The area of musical and especially theatrical apps of Mordaunt-Short Avant 908 is not limited.

Mordaunt-Short Avant 908 Floor standing speakers photo