Yamaha A-S1000 Amplifier

The model A-S1000 is a bit lighter version of the older 2000th, devoid of balanced inputs and outputs. However, this device is quite heavy too, more than 20 kg, and is stunningly well made. The "double mono" principle is also realized here without any economy on the components. Powerful indicators of A-S1000 are more than enough for any speaker system - 2x90W on 8 Ohm. Curiously, at the load of 4 Ohm this meaningis almost doubled and this indicates a big power reserve.

The main circuit technique is completely discrete, symmetrical and this applies even a separate amplifier for headphones. You can connect up to five signal sources to the device. The remote control is beautiful and handy with aluminum faceplate.

The main feature of the sound of Yamaha A-S1000 is almost ideal clarity. But you feel emotions and drive in it. Amazingly, but the amplifier as if knows where it is necessary to turn up the heat and where slightly to ease the pressure. The tonal frequency of middle frequencies, elaboration of vocal timbres and natural instruments admire. There are no claims to the playing of tops too. The top is absolutely devoid of aggression, keeping at the same time a great resolution. Overall microdynamics is on the very high level, but macrodynamic contrasts are transferred not so impressively. An extreme bottom is slightly cut; foundation in some symphonic compositions can be not enough. It seems that bass sometimes is too neat. Although there will be many lovers of such relaxed sound. The scene is exactly that one, which you expect from a good hi-fi amplifier.

Yamaha A-S1000 Amplifier photo