Yamaha AX-390 Amplifier

Yamaha has wide functional possibilities concerning to other models. Except traditional for this price tier set (two pairs of communicating acoustic systems, input for connection vinyl player, disconnectable tone and the remote control), AX-390 also has 3 disconnectable main sockets (permitting the connection of Hi-Fi elements with total power of 100W), smooth regulator of loudness depth, and the possibility to realize "monitor" mode for two tape recorders. Cool! What else can I say? Screw clamps for acoustics systems connection are of high quality and easily allow connecting not only naked piece of cable, but the terminals of "banana" type.

By results of measures, Yamaha gave 50W per channel, and at the same time harmonic distortion didn't override 0,08%. This is a great result! Among firmed gizmos of Yamaha I want to notice such useful feature like smooth regulation of LOUDNESS depth. The necessity of having such regulation is explained by the distinction in sensitivity of different types of acoustics systems, what leads to unequal volume level at the same position of volume level. However, loudness scheme elements of volume control with fixed loudness are always calculated for only one, quite particular volume level of acoustics systems and only in these conditions provide correct physical compensation of low and high frequencies levels change at turning the volume level. You will be one's own sound engineer and, with a help of LOUDNESS, you could pick out wanted loudness and for your own ears, but not ideal average lines of equal volume.

But the most important thing in this amplifier is, of course, the sound. From the first seconds of the listening Yamaha amazed the experts by liveliness and enthusiasm, with which it played almost any composition. Width and volume of created sound picture were just striking. Yamaha literally flooded the listening room by the whole ocean of sounds. We were so involved in the listening, that could hardly start our obligatory program of the testing.

With floor acoustics and disconnected tones AX-390 sounded powerfully and dynamically, basses were bumping, and high frequencies were sonorous and a little bit cutting. The sound of AX-390 saved neutrality at all volume levels and was good tone-balanced. Big power reserve provided beautiful dynamics; Yamaha took the sharpest volume drops easily and freely.

The sound was so good, that the help of equalizer almost wasn't requested. Unless, in some compositions, turning HF tone at 3 hours improved the sound for a little, but that was likely related to imbalance of the recording, because the most of chosen musical pieces sounded much better without tones. Speaking about "shelf" acoustics systems, Yamaha sounded not less effective with them than with floor. The sound became a bit "flat" and stereo effect area got narrow. Nevertheless, AX-390 sounded with "shelf" acoustics very, very good.

Yamaha AX-390 Integrated Stereo Amplifier, Power output 60 Watts into 8 ohms