Yamaha A-S700 Amplifier

Yamaha A-S700 uses the proprietary ideology of ToP-ART (Total Purity Audio Reproduction Technology). Its essence lies in the use of a reinforced anti-vibration chassis and a fully balanced circuit with selected electronic components. The output power is 2 x 90 watts per 8 ohms. The number of inputs for connecting external sources is sufficient - four line and Phono-MM, output for headphones. In addition to the dual-band tone block, also there is a smooth loudness control that allows you to adjust the sound at a low volume.

The first impressions of the sound of A-S700 amplifier are extremely positive. The excellent articulation and coordination in the middle bass inspire respect, the upper range abounds with details - discants are clearly decorated and incredibly airy. There may be some lack of control only in the deepest bass, but in practice this happens rarely. The dynamics of playback is very decent - the amplifier does not fold even on the most complicated records of modern rock. The middle is diverse and harmoniously worked out, the openness and accuracy of the vocals' interpretation is simply mesmerizing. However, in general, the sound nature of Yamaha A-S700 seems to be slightly sterile, which dictates the need to select other elements of an audio system with high resolution. The space is really three-dimensional and beautifully decorated. No claims were to the localization of the imaginary sources.

Yamaha A-S700 Amplifier photo