Yamaha AX-590 Amplifier

The amplifier AX-590 has big sizes and weight. But at the same time it has the widest opportunities as the amplifier of this price tier. For the first sight minimum amount of regulations are placed on the big front panel: volume control, record selector and three buttons (power on and two DIRECT modes). All control handles have indication LEDs. But all the others control elements are placed under the traditional reclining cover, among which we can note very effective, quite deep, smooth loudness control and SUBSONIC filter, used for vinyl recording player. The corrector of this amplifier surely has the possibility of both MM and MC type heads connection. Already mentioned DIRECT mode is presented in two variants: PURE DIRECT turns off tone, balance and loudness control circuits, and CD DIRECT additionally turns off input selector circuits, sending the signal directly to the amplifier input. Applied electronic components, including two filter capacitors by 1200 μF, symmetric construction of the channels for getting the identify, and quite powerful supply transformer allow the amplifier to work with demand up to 2 Ohm. The characteristics of the device were completely in phase with the stated by the company and for the most part have some reserve. For example, at operating of two channels the amplifier provides 153,8W with the resistance of 4 Ohm at declared 150W and distortion of 0,7%, but even at 144W the amount of distortion falls to 0,03%. The system bus and the remote control allow controlling not only the amplifier, but also other blocks of "Yamaha". Beginning from this model, a motorized input selector, except motorized volume control, is used in the amplifiers of this firm. The availability of linear amplifier output and power amplifier input provides easy connection of additional sound processing device, for example Dolby Pro Logic processor or equalizer.

Yamaha AX-590 Integrated Stereo Amplifier, Power output 110 Watts into 8 ohms