Jamo C605 Floor standing speakers

Jamo C605 uses highly effective for small speaker systems cross band isolation into 2.5 bands. A 25-mm tweeter with a soft dome is installed on a special damping suspension (OTT) with some semblance of horn. The horn helps to achieve wider directivity of high-frequency component of sound and the suspension significantly reduces negative influence of the body's vibrations on the work of tweeter. Two 155-mm drivers play the role of LF- and MF/LF-drivers. Their very hard diffusers (HCC) allow drivers to play higher frequencies than usual MF/LF drivers without unwanted side-tones, caused by bending oscillations of the diffuser. Due to the suspension made of natural rubber and lack of dustproof cap the control of diffuser's movement and, consequently, the dynamics and accuracy of movement of the emitter are improved. A big bass-reflex port is on the back wall of the body.

Sound. Jamo C605 successfully shows Hi-Fi expressions, in accordance with which the speaker system has to accurately transform electric music signal into acoustic energy, not bringing anything from itself. The sound is instrumentally strict and quite high music potential exactly goes from the mentioned quality. Extremely wide dynamical range, extraordinary clarity of picture of the sound stage, very high resolution of timbres, absolute tonal neutrality, adequate presentation of scale of music event - all of these are the base of great sound of the Danish model. Bass of C605 is of average depth, but of very high quality. Loudspeaker with universal abilities perfectly plays any music. You can trust favorite recordings to JAMO - the speaker systems won't disappoint expectations.

Jamo C605 Floor standing speakers photo