Jamo E470 Floor standing speakers

Jamo E470 shows with its appearance what a rationally designed floor speaker system should be for little money if for getting a solid bass it is necessary to make it a three-way. A mass of powerful magnet systems makes quite a significant contribution to almost 11 kg. An 8-inch LF/MF driver gives the hope for abundant bass. All diffusers are of paper - a classic of the genre. Installed above the woofer a 76-mm head is actually a high-frequency head as it works from 4.5 kHz. The tweeter with a conical membrane, in the center of which there is a plastic cap, starts with 9 kHz. You can easily connect a heavy-gauge cable and even "banana" type plugs to spring terminals. Four variants of external finish are provided. There are no spikes and legs.

Tonal balance is neutral. A correct upper bass is very good and its advantages feat even the most serious musical forms. In this connection some lack of the depth seems to be quite reasoned. The lack of dynamic and tonal resolution of midrange affects "live" classics. A slight coloring in lower top particularly appears in specific accents on vocal vowels but without "overshoot". Only in the upper part of the range. Actual advantage is keeping a global tonal balance in the wide range of volume. At increasing a signal level the sound becomes "heavier", volumetric - the space comes alive.

E470 copes with energetic, hard musical styles in the best way. It is the reliable system for front channels of home cinema. Power reserve is sufficient for all purposes.

Jamo E470 Floor standing speakers photo