Piega PS 1 Subwoofer

PS1 refers to compact subwoofers designed for small rooms. The first that catches the eye is excellent build quality of the body, in which the main part is made of thick MDF plates and the upper panel and support are made of aluminum. A 22-cm driver with increased speed of diffuser, working in bass-reflex loading, is put into the base of construction. The head (as well as adjacent air port) is placed down that increases useful interaction of the driver with floor at the lowest frequencies. An existing amplifier is able to give 250W in nominal mode, but the presence of developed sound settings impresses most of all. In addition to standard controls, the smooth change of phase and Bass Boost correction are available for the user. Possible connections to an amplifier allow you to choose between linear input and high-level terminals, so switching with any equipment won't cause problems.

Piega PS 1 subwoofer has a confident kick and clear tracking of rhythm, without audible delay of attack. Due to powerful and carefully damped body extraneous side-tones are absent. The device confidently takes quite low notes and clearly represents the structure of low-frequency instruments. At this there is no monotonicity, even the presence of bass-reflex (apparently very properly designed) does not reduce overall sound resolution at all.

Piega PS 1 Subwoofer photo