Piega TMicro Sub Subwoofer

In the catalog of the Swiss Piega TMicto Sub takes the place of compact model, which is perfect for small rooms. The body is made of aluminum alloy - practical and acoustically inert material. The volume, in which a 18-cm driver with movable MDS system (Maximum Displacement Suspension) works, is limited to 12 liters, but due to properly designed bass reflex the company's engineers managed to achieve the lower play limit of 30 Hz. The driver is reinforced by built-in amplifier, nominal power of which is 150W, but in addition the sub is equipped with stereo output (2 x 50W) to connect a pair of speaker system. So, to build 2.1 system an additional amplifier is not required.

Valuable property of Tmicro is the lack of apparent body's side-tones: a metal body behaves in this regard truly exemplary. But you should be careful with volume level, because with its increase there is the risk of the driver output from linear mode and rise of audible compression. Despite of small sizes, the sub differs by huge energy, high dynamics and fire speed. Bass overtones are correctly damped, low-frequency picture is clear and reproduced structurally correct. The device easily fit our test system, the existing range of controls should be enough for the circuit of any configuration. The bass depth in TMicro Sub is average.

Piega TMicro Sub Subwoofer photo