Piega TMicro 4 Bookshelf speakers

Even in such compact shelf speaker systems as TMicro 4 you fully feel the ideology of the Swiss company. The systems have distinctive aluminum cases with non-parallel walls, which prevent the formation of internal standing waves. Loading here is the bass reflex, located in front. A relatively compact low-frequency head with 10-cm diffuser works for it. Due to the branded MDS technology (Maximum Displacement Suspension) a moving system is capable of considerable displacements, what beneficially affects the depth of the playing bass.

Taking the small size of Piega TMicro 4 monitors into account, they can be praised for neutral tonal balance, surprisingly brisk dynamics and energetic presentation of any music material. At mid frequencies the kids behave just exemplary. Note a maximal naturalness of voices, authentic timbres of the majority of natural instruments and enviable clarity of complex fragments of phonograms. Top is neat, adjusted in terms of scale and activity and the resolution here is more than sufficient. The woofer doesn't try to reach the depths, but at the same time gives a telling blow and accurate attack, so you don't feel a strong lack of bass. Sound stage is not the most impressive in scale, but amazingly ordered. The accuracy of positioning of sources in the central part of panorama particularly strikes.

Piega TMicro 4 Bookshelf speakers photo