Piega TMicro 6 Floor standing speakers

Well-proportional Piega TMicro6 towers are designed in modern interior style. Like in most other models of the company, the bodies are made of milled aluminum, which the Swiss specialists prefer because of outstanding acoustic properties. There are four branded drivers on the narrow front panel under the grill. A 26-mm LDS head with a soft dome was chosen in the function of tweeter, other drivers are equipped with 10-cm MDS diffusers. Two bottom heads work for a small front bass-reflex that allows to place the system close to wall. The range is divided into three bands, but the manufacturer does not specify the crossover frequencies. We only know that the selected electronic components with small variance of parameters are used in crossover and a pair of cool screw gilt terminals is installed closer to the base to connect a cable.

Despite of modest sizes, the speaker systems show a full and self-sufficient sound. Even if we take an inevitable limitation on depth of low frequencies into account, the presentation is perceived to be completely unbroken. TMicro 6 has quite neutral tonal balance and extremely high informative content throughout the entire band of frequencies. We will specially focus on brisk and sharp bass, accurate middle and clear top without aggressive notes. Sound resolution is much higher than average that allows you to hear all nuances of the recording. Dynamical characteristics will be rated as average, but at the same time you feel a decent reserve of overloading. Sound stage is quite compact but differs by very accurate positioning of virtual sources.

Piega TMicro 6 Floor standing speakers photo