Piega TMicro 5 Floor standing speakers

Graceful Piega TMicro 5 was conceived as a design system for small rooms. Narrow and tall cases are made of milled aluminum - this gives them an acoustic inertness. There is a pair of compact (100 mm) woofers and bass-reflex port on the faceplate. But despite of such a small caliber, the lower border is declared to be quite big - 45 Hz. The upper range is played by 26 mm tweeter of the branded construction and to expand the polar pattern its dome is placed into a small horn. Large screw gilt terminals are provided for commutation with an amplifier.

The sound of aluminum towers is quite attractive in general. Despite of small volume, there is no significant lack of basses - the help of a separate subwoofer won't be required in many cases. Mid- and high-frequency spectrums are maximally clear and worked out well by timbres. Moreover, a cool tweeter, which has not only high resolution but also gives minimum side-tones, provides the naturalness of playing. Piega TMicro 5 speaker systems have quite large sound stage, and with correct placement relatively to a listener we can note the illusion of its complete dissolution in the room.

Piega TMicro 5 Floor standing speakers photo