Piega Premium 7 Floor standing speakers

The Swiss couple can make boast of massive bodies, made of extruded aluminum, whose height reaches almost 170 cm. The recently presented Decoral technology allows giving metal surfaces a picture that is similar to natural veneer. This method is based on a rather complex technology, in which a special thermo film is used to transfer the ink to the object. As a result, a very durable coating is obtained, resistant to external damage, and, in our case, completely corresponding to the texture of oak veneer.

Piega Premium 7 refers to three-band systems, and each of them has six branded drivers. The lower and middle ranges are allocated to five identical MDS-drivers, in the design of which special attention is paid to the increased amplitude of the displacement of the diffuser. Acoustic design is bass-reflex with front port output, extending the lower limit to 30 Hz. The upper band is given to already familiar to loudspeakers of this brand LDR tape tweeter with an extended up to 50 kHz working band.

Despite the relatively small caliber of drivers, everything with the power of sound is all right in Piega Premium 7. High columns demonstrate a distinct and fast bass, in most cases sufficient in depth. The most critical for our hearing middle register is really linear and pure from the tonal point of view. Thanks to the tape tweeter, the upper range is legible and clean. In addition, we can not but note the detailed elaboration of details even at low playback levels. As it turned out, the loudspeakers like spacious rooms, where the tangible potential for creating an almost flawless sound stage can be fully realized.

Piega Premium 7 Floor standing speakers photo