Mordaunt-Short MS 908 Floor standing speakers

MS-908 is the flagship of the 900th series. A luxury tweeter is installed on the side panel. The driver is hidden by a round, protective mesh, which you can remove by pulling a special rope. But you shouldn't do this - it is more beautiful in the mask: the view is not distracted from the gorgeous aluminum mid-range diffusors, made by the branded "Continious Profile Cone" technology, to a big paper cone. In addition to a "cherry" finishing, black and graphite colors are provided. The mass is 19 kg. The speaker systems didn't even need a ballast compartment like junior models of the series have. Shaped supports and spikes are included.

You feel a good depth in bass which gives a serious solidity. And although it slightly outlooks on the background of the bottom middle that softens the contours of short LF-forms, the bass is moveable and well-articulated. Double-bass theme develops logically; the cello is picturesque. Despite of a slight underlining of extremely high frequency details, there is no feeling of imbalance: the sound is perceived as an organic, informatively uniform unity. Vocals are transferred in an exciting way but exactly in the full harmony with an arrangement. Any strings sound convexly and expressively. Juicy sounds of an orchestral piano make you believe in its physical presence in the listening room. One of the key advantages of MS908 is a perfect microdynamics that will appeal to lovers of sonic filigree. At high volume levels you can still notice a coloring in the center of HF-range, but this is not so critical.

MS908 is very good for the transfer of chamber forms especially with live instruments. However, large musical canvases are good too - from symphonies to rock. In the theatre the system will feel more comfortable with the related acoustic components. This is the system for large and medium size rooms.

Mordaunt-Short MS 908 Floor standing speakers photo