Mordaunt-Short MS 814 Floor standing speakers

The external look of Mordaunt-Short MS 814 generates a stream of positive associations. The speaker systems look like a bold challenge to boring isolation of traditional solutions and thereby immediately call sympathy. Several features of the sound could be predicted, based exceptionally on the results of external seeing of the system and I must say that some predictions were confirmed while the listening. Firstly, the expectations were justified in quite high transparency of the sound, which fully arose at difficult orchestral parts, but to a greater degree this refers to high-frequency area and to a lesser - the area of low frequencies and lower middle. Not referring to frequency response, you can suppose that the system's ability to organize well both scenic space and the space of concert hall. It is gratifying to conclude that this prediction was generally justified too; some dissatisfaction is only in insufficient detailing of the stage's image.

Presence effect gets the greatest persuasion at correct position of a listener relatively to Mordaunt-Short MS 814 speakers and this is, generally, not so critical. It seems that MIDs are played quite accurately, but some reduce of the transparency at high volume levels, observed in the lower part of audio spectrum, prevents to admit it finally. At the medium volume levels basses are although not deep, but quite accurate and expressive and the dynamical range, at least in electronic music, fits in frames of the system's capabilities. Speaking about genres' limits, we can apparently speak only about symphonic classics with its invincible dynamics and need for effective transfer of deep bass.

Mordaunt-Short MS 814 Floor standing speakers photo