Mordaunt-Short Avant 904i Floor standing speakers

Avant 904i is a two-way speaker system with bass-reflex. A 25-mm tweeter with aluminum dome is protected by metallic mesh. The diffuser of 133-mm MF/LF-unit is also made of aluminum. All drivers are magneto-shielded. The bass-reflex is placed on the back wall. The first-ordered filter is used in the speaker system.

Sound. The most suitable definitions for the sound of Mordaunt-Short Avant 904i are neat, intelligent, relief. This model doesn't show very high energetics. It is not recommended to overdrive the model by very powerful signal - it's not her style. But in micro-dynamical area it operates surprisingly sensitively. Although the bass is not deep, it is cleanly structured, with quick response. Very natural, correct imaging of timbre-coloristic content of phonograms draws this system together with its "compatriot" Mission M33i by sound. The sound of Avant 904i is light in color, slightly cool, tonally smooth. All chamber forms sound very nice; the presentation of large sound scenes needs a little bit more scale. To sum up, we will say, the system with attractive set of advantages will appeal to many consumers.

Mordaunt-Short Avant 904i Floor standing speakers photo