JPW 205 Floor standing speakers

JPW205 is a speaker system in the design of the closed type. The massive case seems to be totally dispossessed of "voting right". A curved metal grating is fixed in the joints of a d?cor molding, which is mounted on the MDF faceplate. The woofer is installed to the side and is closed by a removable metal grill in the rubber frame. A silk dome of the tweeter is located at the base of a matching horn. A big attention is paid to reduction of diffraction interference: chamfers, grooving of a surface sheet. The speaker systems are mounted on shaped supports; spikes are included.

The sound of JPW 205 has an expressed element of originality - the system as if seeks to pick the most emotionally significant fragments of music out, increasing the contrast of colorific texture. The sound is juicy and spectacular. Rich medium and high frequencies are expressive: a soulful fullness of violin solos is so volume, jazz swing is just amazing. LF register is deep and massive, but often there is an impression that bass tends to some kind of detachment and, so to speak, low-frequency sovereignty. Perhaps, a correct placement of the speaker systems in a listening room will increase their integration in a sound image. The system confidently controls the scene, emphasizing its diversity in a mysterious way. Increasing the volume decreases the comfort of perception, the sound becomes harsher and more aggressive - metal appears in flutes, sharpness is in the passages of naughty violin...

JPW 205 is good for playing modern popular music. Its distinctive interpretation could not have come at a better time. Planning a multi-channel complex you should be careful about the selection of satellites and firstly of central channel speaker systems, for which a frequency proximity is particularly desirable with the front pair. A listening room should not be too small (at least 20-25 square meters).

JPW 205 Floor standing speakers photo