JPW ML710 Floor standing speakers

ML series produced by a famous British company is already well known to us by its two representatives. Now it is the turn of JPW ML710. The loudspeaker has a well-damped body with fairly rigid walls; due to the massive framing, the small diameter of the low/mid driver visually seems to be larger than it actually is. The sound of ML710 can be characterized as balanced, albeit with a slight cooling preference for high frequencies, and quite detailed. Strings of all registers sound a little dry, but they are not annoying with harshness in emotional passages. A good impression is made by vocal MIDs. When reproducing multi-sound fragments, ML710 has a lack of "large-scale vision" of a sound event; the image, structured well along the front, lacks the depth of the third dimension. The concert recordings of symphonic works gave the impression that the imaginary sound sources settled exclusively in the plane of the front panels of the stereo pair. The upper bass is completely transparent and well "linked" with the middle. But I would like more deep components. However, JPW ML710 in this regard justifies the low level of harmonic distortion. As a result, the bass is neat and does not "press" on the sensitive psyche of the refined listeners. But this approach is hardly consistent with the requirements of avid rock'n'roll artists. However, using JPW ML710 in a small room and placing it in a suitable way, you can noticeably increase the "weight" of sound, slightly sacrificing with naturalness. Electronic music sounds good.

JPW ML710 Floor standing speakers photo