JPW 204 Floor standing speakers

In floor acoustic systems developed by JPW for Audio Group, there is a massive 20-cm (7.8") woofer (placed not on the front, but on a side panel) with a classic pulp cone responsible for low frequencies. A slightest, though expecting a big recoil, fiberglass 100-mm (3.9") driver is responsible for the mids. A high-quality sqeaker with a 1-inch silk top is responsible for the high frequencies. All the drivers are made by "Peerless", as the manufacturer says, but do not even try to find them in the Danish speakers catalogue. It refers to an independent Indian manufacturer "Peerless".

Does this let you down? As for me, not at all. The "two hundred fourh" outperform their competitors in some particular parameters. For example, talking about the range wigth, there are not so many acoustic systems capable of preceeding the JPW 204 in the bass depth and the upper range transparency. The soundstage is built extremely accurately and do not have a slightest blurring. There is no extra tones in a tonal balance. You get a solid, timbre-accurate sound, detailed throughout the whole range. There are also some flaws, though: the dynamics in general is a bit compressed, the upper mid is softened.

Please fasten the aluminum-alloyed supports to the bottom accurately before setting as you can't use the spikes without them and won't be able to get a clear bass.

JPW 204 Floor standing speakers photo