JPW 203 Floor standing speakers

JPW 203 stands down a notch of a three-way flagship JPW 205. These speaker systems have very attractive appearance. It is felt that all the elements of the construction are made at a high level - from the dynamic heads to the body and graceful protective and decorative grill. The speaker systems weigh a lot, even if we leave ballast compartment which takes almost a quarter of the total volume in "uncharged" state. The bass-reflex port is on the back panel. Universal contact group is two pairs of terminals. Figured legs and beautiful goldish spikes are included.

The system has a well-articulated, comfort bass - quite well for a small, comparatively cheap floor speaker system. The line of upper part of LF-register is confidently and correctly come out. In addition, the overall character of the sound is not deprived of originality, common to the older model, firstly appearing in the increased contrast and brightness of high frequencies. Expressive, sensitive to intonations middle is in the full of its health; the amplitude relief of even symphonic recording is well-read. The scene is relief and three-dimensional. Bass cements position at increasing the volume, but at the same time the texture of high frequencies condenses and sharp hints appear in violin passages and female vocal.

JPW 203 is the example of bright, distinctive speaker system, which is able to expressively play even classics, but its originality is mostly adequate for modern musical forms. 203 is a perfect theatrical front.

JPW 203 Floor standing speakers photo