JPW ML910 Floor standing speakers

Firstly, I would like to mention a pleasant appearance of ML910. All details of the loudspeakers are harmoniously combined with each other; the combination of light body and black faceplate looks festively. The memories about recent acquaintance with the shelf model - JPW ML510, surprising by correct, rich and clear sound, quite rarely appearing in small systems of corresponding price category, committed to, so to say, a linear increase of the quality for floor ML910 (it was seemed that the sound quality must grow in proportion to the increase of sizes). In reality, of course, everything turned out to be a bit more difficult. I was very pleased with the clarity with which the system played bass parts. There is no any hint of coloration and the contrast brightness of bass was kept in the wide range of volume level's changes. However, truly deep notes were simply cut off by the system, what was noticeable only in symphonic classics. The perception of details of musical compositions and the most of color subtleties of speaker systems' sound is largely determined by the ratio of transfer characteristics of middle and high frequencies. The guitar of Ritchie Blackmore and vocals of its partner Candice Night seemed to be a bit less expressive than it might be expected from JPW acoustics. Specific overtones of valves as if hid behind the trees of a dense forest of virtuoso variations of Moscow ensemble of timbre accordions. Speaking about the details (generally disturbing) of the accordion's work you can doubt in negative consequences of its loss, although it will be more correct to speak not about the loss, but the masking of moderately high-frequency details by the upper part of the middle range. A very convincing illusion of the presence is achieved at quite specific organization of stage space (the stage seems to be put slightly forward).

The quality of stereo effect a little depends on rational movements of a listener near the optimal position. The character of ML910 is closed to many modern musical styles. Small volumes of a room will have a little impact on the positive properties of basses.

JPW ML910 Floor standing speakers photo