Jamo S718 Floor standing speakers

Jamo S718 are three-way speaker systems with a bass reflex, built on four drivers. A 10-inch woofer is located on the side of the body. Other three drivers are a fabric tweeter, placed in a small horn, and two paper midrange drivers with special impregnation. A two-wire bi-wiring/bi-amping connection to amplifiers is provided.

The loudspeakers are incredibly massive and very carefully damped. You feel solidity and potential power in the cases made of the thick MDF plates. The build and finish quality is consistently for all Jamo products at an excellent level, there are no the slightest reasons for criticism.

The sound of S718, in my opinion, fully corresponds to its brutal appearance. They captivate by almost concert sound pressure and incredibly expressive presentation of any musical material. Even rather difficult works with a complex polyphonic structure sound impressively in their interpretations. The main trump card of S718 is a confident and intelligible reproduction of the edges of the range, but this leads to a noticeable disguise of the mid frequencies. But powerful bass and its very decent articulation allow in many cases to abandon a separate subwoofer. In terms of the quantity, and most importantly, the quality of the bass, these loudspeakers can easily surpass many low-cost subwoofers. Some drawbacks (or features) may include not always air and a clear upper range. If certain discants are transmitted naturally, then the sound of a hi-hat in some cases is noticeably lacking in nuances. The energetic, dynamic nature of the reproduction is great for working with modern rock and other exciting styles. The confidence also doesn't leave the huge cinema potential of Jamo S718, where the advantages of these loudspeakers can be just in time.

We did not find special deviations in the sound stage. For its price localization is at a decent level. The scale of the sound canvas seemed to be only slightly exaggerated, but this can be considered to be quite normal.

Jamo S718 Floor standing speakers photo