Jamo Classic 10 Floor standing speakers

The Danish Jamo finishes Classic series with the model 10. Judging by sizes, it quite fits the role of a flagship. The traditional design correlates well with the name of the series and the bass-reflex port's size and sizes of low-frequency drivers - with understandings about present with a capital "Bass". In truth, bass is one of the main advantages of Classic 10. Despite of the fact that basses felt tight in our, large listening room, we cannot not to admit their confident brush work, excellent dynamics, good mobility. Perfect test tool for deep basses - bass drum from a symphonic orchestra not only made the chest vibrating, but let us feel, so to say, the form of sound. But in such situation some problems with are enviable. Due to excess energy low-frequency sound wave, closed within four walls of the listening room, begins to mask MIDs, what has a negative impact primarily on expressiveness of vocal, and sound transparency of instrumental groups decreases. However, all this is true only upon the condition that low frequencies in the fragment play one of the leading roles. In classical compositions, in chamber works, where there is moderate quantity of bass, MIDs start to show their many advantages. The sound of strings and horns becomes transparent and expressive; voice gets live power and independence. High frequencies are very good. Regardless the genre and style of the played musical work, Jamo Classic 10 gently draw all the strokes, required for creation of an accurate sound portrait. There are no doubts that the sound of the system will appeal to the lover of modern music. The fan of classics should take into account a strong dependence of the fine abilities on room sizes, but in any case the depth and quality of bass, created by Jamo Classic 10, plus the correctness of transfer of high frequencies are worth of being competed for.

Jamo Classic 10 Floor standing speakers photo