Jamo C807 Floor standing speakers

In our time many manufacturers began to pay increased attention to external look of their products, focusing on the visual effect. A successful compromise between technically justified solutions and design was found in Jamo C807.

Quite massive and very rigid body with the rounded edges is perfectly damped and carefully finished. By the overall built quality Jamo will have few competitors. The loudspeaker is built according to 2.5-way principle with the back bass-reflex, where MF/LF range is played by a pair of the branded 170-mm drivers with the diffusers made of specially designed HCC material, which is a reinforced cellulose-based sandwich. In addition, they are equipped with special aluminum diffuser, which is necessary for more effective heat remove from sound coil and for increase of maximal input power. A fundamentally new development of Jamo is used in C807 - an inch dome tweeter, made by DTT technology. This technical solution allowed to mechanically untie the tweeter from the main body to minimize the parasitic resonances, arising due to its interaction with the front panel of the loudspeaker.

Pleasant feeling from the external look of Danish speakers was not disturbed while the listening too. Perhaps, these are one of few loudspeakers, which you want to listen to without getting distracted on certain moments. It is nice that Jamo from year to year keeps its signature, recognizable from the first notes. However, I still could not analyze the peculiarities of the sound reproduction of this pair.

The first thing that is particularly attractive in these loudspeakers is monolith sound with absolutely linear tonal balance and almost perfect coupling of bands. Powerful, quite deep bass is elastic and plastic, timbres are confident and natural. Very decent (but still slightly limited) dynamical qualities do not interfere comfortable listening to most of the recordings. Mid-high range is correct and alive, there is only a little lack of airy at the highest frequencies. Separation of plans at the construction of sound stage is very confident, the systems can perfectly arrange imaginary sources in space. In general, despite of small flaws, Jamo C807 are quite able to fully convey the emotional essence of the performed work and this is already a lot.

Jamo C807 Floor standing speakers photo