Jamo P-270 Floor standing speakers

These are cute loudspeakers, in which the conventional geometry of the parallelepiped is broken by a graceful front panel and a dark decorative grille in the shape of a stretched drop. As usual, the crown of the whole structure is the corporate label, which speaks of the speakers' belonging to the products of the Danish company Jamo. As for musical abilities, at the listening to, for example, jazz compositions, we found a distinct peculiarity in the sound of a number of instruments. Giving the image some unexpected, cheerful expressiveness, at first glance, it was identified with the emphasized detailing of high frequencies. At the same time, in the same jazz things, there was a clear calmness of the hats. The violin, a good barometer to assess the state of high-frequency abilities of speaker systems, also seemed to have lost some of its tonal splendor. Mid-range did not contain this kind of surprises. Jamo P-270 reproduces any vocal very well, the manner of transmission of which is also unusual. We note a very important detail. The correction of the original source material undertaken by loudspeakers is perceived by hearing mainly in a positive context, which is largely due to the excellent dynamics. Despite some tonal imbalances, the image maintains high transparency. The low-frequency aspect of sound, which also has good transparency, is perfectly well and quite fully transmitted. The peculiarity of Jamo P-270 sound can captivate both the lover of modern musical genres and fans of the classics.

Jamo P-270 Floor standing speakers photo