Polk Audio RT3000p Floor standing speakers

Placing bet on acoustics for Home Theatre, the American company Polk Audio is quite satisfied with its current status and continues to excite the public by new models. This time the loudspeakers for frontal channels RT3000p are presented at the bar of video lovers.

The fact that it is the basis of full set of acoustics for RT5000 home cinema, which also includes the loudspeaker of the central channel and back loudspeakers, speaks about the model's specialization. But a separate subwoofer is not provided in this set, although it must be there by the specifications of Dolby Digital and THX. The secret lies in a small "p" letter in the model's designation, which indicates that loudspeakers have an active subwoofer in their composition.

Constructively each speaker consists of two bodies, mounted on one upon the other trough three legs made of elastic polymer, which effectively mutes vibrations. Certainly, the lower box is an active subwoofer. The loudspeaker has two woofers with polypropylene diffusers, loaded on the general Power Port bass reflex. We will remind that this is the customer development of Polk Audio. The output port hole is made at the bottom of the body, raised upon the platform, in the center of which there is a profiled divider, sending the sound waves horizontally in all directions. Distinctive features of Power Port are the increased efficiency on the setting frequency and laminar expiration of sound stream, and, consequently, low level of distortions and noises. Built-in in subwoofer amplifier develops output power of 300 W, has the volume control and filter of low frequencies with adjustable frequency cut and also input and output connectors.

Despite of the powerful support from the "bottom", the upper speaker is also able to play full range of frequencies. The loudspeaker is made by two-way scheme, which includes two similar eight-inch speakers (by total value they are equivalent to a single head with the diameter of 12 inches, but at the same time have much less response time and in the result are more musical) and one 25-mm tweeter. You can notice a hole in the lower part of the body, looking like a bass reflex port, but actually it is not. This is again the branded development is called Acoustic Resonance Control (ARC) and is designed for suppression of internal standing waves, what has a beneficial effect on the palying of middle frequencies.

One of the useful features of RT3000 is a multivariance of audio system's or Home Theatre configuration. The use of multi-channel amplifier AC-3 or DTS will be an ideal for home cinema. In this case a cropped in the bottom signal of high level is given to upper speakers, and to subwoofers - a low-frequency signal from the special output of the pre-amp. In the classical audio system with stereophonic amplifier the output signal goes simultaneously on the high-leveled input of subwoofer and on the satellites through the jumpers.

In conclusion we will note that all the speakers are projected by the branded Dynamic Balance technology and have a magnetic shielding.

Polk Audio RT3000p Floor standing speakers photo