Polk Audio TSx 440T Floor standing speakers

In assortment of American company "Polk" the line TSx is the most democratic of habitually decorated. It is a classical Hi-Fi, made firstly for qualitative sound but not as a part of the interior or exotic gadget. Design is respectively simple - laminated wood grain columns, quite massive with fabric grilles and without any frills. The sides have beveled edges that can already be considered as traditional approach, improving acoustic properties of the body. A wide specter of speaker systems in the series gives builders of home cinemas a wide freedom in choice of speakers for each specific area. There are two color varieties - cherry and bog oak.

TSx 440T - an average one of floor models Polk Audio. Two drivers in bass section and a bit more height distinguish it from the junior model 330T; the eldest one, with index 550T, is equipped by absolutely different set of speakers but it is much more expensive. The weight of each speaker is about 17 kg, wit it is quite moderate relatively to the sizes. An inch dome tweeter works out high frequencies, mid-frequency range is charged to the cellulose speaker with diameter of 165mm and two similar emitters are responsible for the bass register. Dynamic heads are produced from the most qualitative materials by firmed method - Dynamic Balance, and are equipped by neodymium magnet systems. For a budget item it is more than generously. The construction of the speaker system is three-way, of bass-reflex type. The port is on the face side so Polk Audio TSx 440T can be placed much closer to a wall than analogs with back bass reflex's. However, it is necessary to comply with the recommendations about the distance to furniture and room's corners otherwise you could not reveal the whole system's potential. For the commutation with an amplifier of AV-receiver there are large screw speaker terminals, two pair of whose are mounted in the lower part of body's back wall.

Allowable amplifier power is from 20 to 200 watts. Judging by the sensations, the optimal value is not less than 100W. In principle, any modern integrated amplifiers and AV-receivers are able to provide the desired parameters. For rooms of average size it makes sense to purchase components which outputs 150W - then a sound picture will become more scaled and solid. Rooms from 30 m2 require more powerful speakers and it's worth thinking here about TSx 550T.

Strengths in sounding of Polk Audio TSx 440T are really good coverage of frequency specter and wide panorama. Tops are much more detailing than could be expected from a budget acoustics, and basses distinguish by impressive depth, quite comparable with those that decent subwoofers give. Thus the effectiveness of the filing is at a high level especially in blockbusters and rock concerts. From the music critic's point of view we can mention a schematic character of the middle and implicit stage images. Vocal and dramatic notes are not played in the most ideal way. Howbeit in comparison with designed acoustics, soundbars, sets of home cinemas from one box and other mass items of analog or higher price this system has only advantages. You will never regret spent on its purchase money.

Polk Audio TSx 440T Floor standing speakers photo