KEF Coda 9.2 Floor standing speakers

Coda 9.2 is small and lightweight speaker systems. But this doesn't mean "lightness" in the sound image, creating by them. Summarizing our impressions, let's sum up. A moderate depth of the transfer of low frequencies, typical for the tested category of the loudspeakers, isn't compensated in simple manner by the increase of the power in top bass, which increases efficiency to some degree but not the quality of sound. However, Coda 9-2 has as many basses as needed for small rooms in order not to disrupt the balance of sound in general. And in addition, they are distinguished by high density and elasticity, what is determined by the accuracy of passing sound fronts and good dynamics. In short, the system has hotsy totsy bass. The execution of calm jazz compositions showed a little, almost invisible coloration of sound at middle frequencies. The perceived imbalance in the direction of the tops leads only to quite delicate underlining of the contrast of mids and nothing more. During the listening this feature isn't perceived as a disadvantage but most likely as a noteworthy singularity. The MIDs are good: full with nuances female vocal is transferred with a great detailing, the image is transparent to the finest details. However, having good dynamic possibilities, the increase of volume level negatively impacts on the transparency in the lower part of mid-frequency range; the same can b said about basses. But high frequencies save their pristine purity at high levels too. In addition, the experts noted a relatively low spatial resolution of the synthesized panorama, the image of stage seems to be two-dimensional (flat) and narrow. In connection with mentioned above characteristics, in comparison with other genres a complex symphonic classics loses in transfer, which as if needs more decent scale. Speaking about chamber compositions with live instruments and jazz, the modesty of volumetric presentation as if doesn't disturb - the clarity and airiness of the tops neutralize its (modesty) impact on perception. Everything that refers to modern popular music, including hard styles, sounds very well.

KEF Coda 9.2 Floor standing speakers photo