KEF Q700 Floor standing speakers

KEF Q700 is a medium by the rank floor speaker systems in Q line, which earned the reputation of universal speaker system. Having identical technology and the same coaxial module three floor speaker systems of the family differ from each other only by the sizes of LF speakers: 13 cm in younger model (Q500), 20 cm in older (Q900 and 16.5 in our intermediate variant. The company calls another modification of coaxial emitter nothing short of "all new Uni-Q driver array". All the newly designed elements of construction are confirmed by the four patents in addition to a "parent" on coaxial module. In particular, new tougher waveguide for HF, the form and two-component construction of tweeter, a special suspension for coaxial speaker are mentioned. The material of emitters is pretty common and popular at the building of speaker systems thick molded aluminum. Computer simulation of speakers' behavior under load and the signal response was used at all stages of development. We will also note a new acoustic design - passive emitter instead of bass-reflex.

There is a switching panel with two pairs of bi-wiring terminals on the back wall of the body. The finish of bodies mad of MDF looks like natural veneer, but in fact this is damage-resident material made from wood pulp with a special cover. Cross-shaped plastic stands end with long sharp spikes.

A slight dryness in the middle, visible mainly in the Baroque, and a bit accented attack are typical for this model. But clear portrayal of instrument lines is good and appropriate. The positioning of groups of instruments and voices is implemented at a high level (as usual for coaxial speakers), the scene differs by width and depth of panorama - 3D effect is very expressed in KEF Q700.

These speaker systems remind KEF XQ30 by their manner to softly round HF (at abovementioned placement) and also by moderate detailing with keeping soundness and richness of bass. They have the same comfortable and smooth sound at playing of academic and popular compositions, not overflown by dynamical contrasts, a little slow with calm and pleasant interpretation of music writing. The system is quite tolerant to the recordings of average quality - typical fails of sounds are almost invisible. I liked relaxing piano with warm and rounded timbre and quite intended texture of lower and middle registers. Vocal is a bit soft, but volumetric and free - can also be referred to the number of successes. The speaker systems had particularly good relations with jazz compositions. So, it's an absolute wrap in these genres.

KEF Q700 Floor standing speakers photo