KEF Q5 Floor standing speakers

The main advantage of Q5 is the last version of coaxial system of Uni-Q drivers. We will remind that now new conical membranes (the profile of the diffuser was improved and a different material was used) are used in coaxial speakers of KEF, reflection of high-range head is corrected by matching horn. The last-mentioned is necessary for reduce of interaction of high-frequency sound stream with the surface of LF/MF-diffusor. In addition to coaxial structure, the fifth model has an independent woofer in the design of bass-reflex type with two ports - on the faceplate and from behind. That one, which is arranged on the back panel, has an elliptic form. The speakers are magnetically shielded. From the back there are the terminals with anodized contact surfaces.

Q5 demonstrates all advantages of new branded sound of KEF. Perfect focus of the image in the most part of the spectral space is combined here with impressive bass. Clear stereomethod of the stage is characterized by accurate allocation of imaginary sources. The whole mid-low register is elaborated tonally, what provides a high degree of the naturalness of sound images. Vocal sounds great - both male and female; tone base of human voice is transferred very realistically. Different instruments are easily sorted in a dense sound stream. Clear work in high frequencies can be bravely referred to the branded signs. Good detailing is combined here with good calculation of proportions that eliminates sharp tints, coming from the top. The dynamics is adequate in all registers for the majority of musical forms. At higher volume the impression of attack's delay in the sounds of low-frequency instruments (strings, drums) is sometimes created, due to which the sharpness of image as if decreases. Power reserve meets the requirements of the analyzed class, bass responds to overload first.

Q5 acoustics can be recommended to fans of almost any music directions. The lovers of correct reproduction of stage space texture, what is typical for true audio gourmets, will especially enjoy its sound. And you can receive all the pleasures in relatively small (from 20 sq.m.) room. This is a good variant of theatrical front - especially if all other acoustic components belong to Q-series.

KEF Q5 Floor standing speakers photo