KEF iQ5SE Floor standing speakers

The appearance of iQ5SE has not changed in comparison with the original model. This is narrow, low speaker systems with a pair of five inch miniature speakers which doesn't inspire any fear. In the series Q has 5 classical systems of different caliber and iQ5 is the lowest in the rank. However, these small speaker systems can be named light and there several reasons for this.

First - excellent quality of acoustic design. Smooth side walls taper to the back panel, which, in fact, doesn't exist - a pure ellipse, being cut in front by plane of the facade, turns out in the horizontal cross-section. Acoustic advantages of such a sly form, meanwhile requiring the complexity of production technology, are well-known: cammed surfaces are the serious hindrance for the occurrence of standing waves. The last-mentioned are formed inside the body on a number of frequencies whose values are depend on sizes, proportions and forms of the "cabinet".

The second reason of iQ5SE ponderosity is powerful speakers. Coaxial head Uni-Q is of the greatest interest. It consists of two independent drivers - tweeter with 19mm aluminum dome is located in the centre of 130mm conical diffuser, whose polypropylene basis is covered with titanium for rigidity. Advantages of coaxial systems are minimal phase playback errors, which gainfully distinguish them from traditional loudspeakers with elongated vertical line of speakers. Smooth phase is mainly useful for correct playing of sound attack and stability of stereo panorama. However to turn theory into practice is not easy, that's why the engineers of KEF already create the sixth generation of Uni-Q. The central problem - unwanted reflections of high frequencies from conical membrane towards a listener: these reflections usually damage AFC and make the sound far from ideal. The horn, where a high-frequency head is placed, is fighting with this occurrence.

The main difference of SE from the standard is changed internal space. Partition, which divided bass and high-frequency sections, disappeared and now a space appeared here. Of course, separating filters were undergone treatment. Silky by touch paper membrane is equipped by conical dustproof cap. There are no changes in all other aspects. The body is installed on spikes and the back ones are rolled in a special metal mount. There is a foam plug in the kit, which is designed to adjust the emitted by the bass-reflex bass. The pieces of thick acoustic cable, crimped by the flat connector at the ends, play the role of jumpers on the double, gold-anodized terminals.

The problem, facing the engineers, was difficult - they had to get accurately balanced sound from the speaker systems, having a five-inch LF-speaker and the body with useful volume of only 25 liters. To their credit the solution turned out to be brilliant. Perhaps, exactly in iQ5 balance of bass and the middle is the best hold in comparison with other floor speaker systems of Q series - the elder models have more basses but they need more space... Flat as a table frequency characteristic of iQ5SE in the middle (tones are divinely strict!), falling to the bass relatively early, straightens to the zero in the terms of a small room. British speakers remind special (very expensive) speaker systems, which are used for work in high-class restaurants, where extremely precise dose of bass is needed in order to background music doesn't interfere with VIP-clients. To make such loudspeakers is a special art. Moreover, iQ5SE are deprived of any significant disadvantages in almost all senses. Tone balance is ideal, bass clearance is quite commendable and the most important thing - a volume range is wide enough in which listed advantages stay unchanged. Despite of the fact that high frequencies are a bit schematic - I want more details, especially at low volume level - but the emphasizes are not observed at the top. This indicates low distortions and high quality of the speakers. The applicable spore of iQ5 SE is a stereo system of true Hi-Fi class or a front zone of home cinema.

KEF iQ5SE Floor standing speakers photo