KEF Q4 Floor standing speakers

A three-way Q4 by the British company "KEF" is the sample of compactness among floor speaker systems. 130mm coaxial head, made by one of the latest modifications of the branded UNI-Q technology, radiates middle (from 250 Hz) and high frequencies. 130 mm speaker is for basses. All speakers are magneto-shielded by steel caps. A horizontal lap, which divides LF and MF/HF sections, passes directly over the bass-reflex port; the pipe of the last-mentioned is glued into the front plastic framing of coaxial structure. There is the second solid partition at about the half of the body's height; thus, about 15 liters are designated for the woofer, the rest should be considered as a stand. LF compartment is muted by foamed rubber mat. A plug for turning bass-reflex off is included. Crossover consists of second and third order filters, built on the electrolytic capacitors; induced coil of high-pass filter is with a "correct" air core. The speaker systems are mounted on spikes, which screw into the bottom, and on removable back stands. The possibility of separate switching of bands is provided.

Sound. Correctness is a general line of "behavior" of the British pair. A compact, neat floor speaker system does not go into the area of deep bass, feeling confidently in the upper part of low-frequency case, where it is quite respectable and punctual. The middle is clear and dynamically free. Firm style of space organization is detected immediately - clear localization of imaginary sources, bright geometry of the stage. There is no any harshness on the top - everything is decorously and in grand style, even you want to hear a bit more aggression in the system's voice. Neutral tonal balance is good for playing any music, but elegant chamber music and jazz, not "heavy" modern forms, are more congenial to Q4. It is wiser to use Q4 in small rooms, the sounding of which does not require excessive energy consumption.

KEF Q4 Floor standing speakers photo