DALI 505 Floor standing speakers

Dali 505 is a strict system, without superfluity, and it is inappropriate for shaking air by thunder in a listening room and also for shocking the ear by high frequencies. Everything is decorously and at the level of audiophile requirements to the acoustics of Hi-Fi class. Although bass is not a comprehensive, it is exclusively correct and provides a necessary pushiness and dynamics, inherent to rock-n-roll. Classical repertoire is transferred almost without loses, violins are not underlined; double-bass doesn't hide behind the heads of cellos, but also doesn't suppress them by its artificial greatness. Orchestral musical palette is like a rainbow where one color smoothly flows into another, not superimposing on each other. In other words, the image is clear and transparent. Solemn Scottish tunes to the accompaniment of Blackmore and the vocal of Kari Bremnes in Norwegian, unusual for hearing - everything found an adequate response from the system, carefully behaving to the most important features of every genre, being able to transfer all its main essence. Dali 505 is one of few speaker systems, which is able to provide a perfect uniformity of sound field in wide ranges confidently and without fails. There is no need to sit in cross-lines of tweeters' "sights" in order to appreciate all advantages of the qualitative stereo recording.

DALI 505 Floor standing speakers photo