DALI Ikon 8 Floor standing speakers

Despite of the fact that DALI offers a very wide assortment of loudspeakers of various categories, it is the Ikon series that is distinguished not only by advanced technologies, but also by quite a democratic (for its class) price. This line is the successor of much more expensive Euphonia and Helicon.

DALI Ikon 8 is made by three-way scheme with two separate chambers of bass-reflexes for two bass drivers, the port of which are placed on the front and rear walls of the body. The front panel is painted in silver-grey color, the rest of the walls of the speaker system are finished with wood grain film. Twinned tweeter came from the top series and consists of 28-mm tweeter with a soft dome and ribbon tweeter with the size of 17x45 mm. As the working area of these tweeters is different and divided by the crossover on the frequency of 14 kHz, the loudspeaker can be recognized as a 3.5-way. A 152-mm driver with the diffuser made of the proprietary composite of cellulose and wood fibers plays the midrange. This material differs by increased hardness and extreme lightness, due to which it sensitively and airily conveys the smallest details of music compositions. 200-mm diffusers of woofers are also made of cellulose-wood mixture. On the back wall in niche there are two pairs of serious spring terminals. Their shape and placement are handy while the connection and they have been a visiting card of the company for a long time. To install on spikes there are small metallic legs, which are easily mounted on the lower surface of the body.

DALI Ikon 8 satisfies six basic principals of the company's sound design. First, this is the ability to carefully convey to a listener sound material for exact reproduction of volumetric sound stage, where the loudspeakers "dissolve", remaining only sound. Optimal combination of the construction of driver, body and crossover provides natural, time-aligned and phase-balanced sound. Smooth and wide directivity of the sound radiation that facilitates the integration of the speaker system in any room also plays important role. Even impedance of the system, convenient for any listener, prevents distortions, arising in the case of insufficiently good matching of the "pair". The development of complex construction of the body with the use of special materials and geometrical shapes provides increase of sound inertia and, as a result, allows reaching clearer sound. And, of course, the process of manual assembly of each sample and individual testing at the factory in Denmark also plays great role.

This Danish pair plays remarkably harmoniously and musically. Within Ikon series the flagship, surely, provides the deepest bass and it is enough for full play of 99% of music material. The relevance of subwoofer in home theatre with DALI Ikon 8 in front is not high. At the same time, the model shows very correct in tonal sense, intonationally defined (sound frequency is transferred always accurately), dynamical and active bass. Tonal balance of Ikon 8 could be called perfect, if not for a slight excitement in the upper register.

DALI Ikon 8 Floor standing speakers photo